Why can’t you store your wines in your refrigerator?

It is general knowledge that the best place to store wine is in a cool, dark environment and you probably think that your kitchen refrigerator could do just that! But is it really okay to store wine in the fridge?

If you are storing the wines for a party over the weekend, it is fine to store them in the refrigerator for a couple of days. In the long-term, however, there are a few reasons why it is not the best place to stash your favorite bottles.

The Refrigerator Is Not Ideal for Long-term Storage of Wines

Although the conditions may look similar, a typical household refrigerator does not actually provide the optimum conditions for storing wine for more than one or two days.

  • The common kitchen refrigerator maintains a cold temperature of 2-3 °C , with low levels of humidity of an average of 30% . Whereas the optimum temperature for storing wines, range from 12°C to 14°C, with the ideal humidity level above 65%. Wines will not age properly if they are not stored at a temperature of 12°C to 14°C.
  • Another factor that affects the maturing of wines is “Vibration”. Wines need to be kept free from excessive vibration as vibration causes the wines to age faster. That hefty motor that runs 24/7 in your kitchen refrigerator is a source of constant vibration. Let’s not forget the vibration caused from the opening and closing of the refrigerator door whenever you access it.
  • Heat Fluctuations from opening of the refrigerator door will also affect the quality of wines. Whenever the refrigerator door is opened, heat is being introduced into the compartment, thus causing the cabinet temperature to rise. Remember, one of the conditions of proper wine storage is a constant temperature.

Imagine opening a bottle of wine and tasting sausages!

  • Other than heat, air/odour is the next culprit that will affect the quality of wines stored. To maintain the aroma of wines, it is important to store them in an odour free enviroment with a constant flow or exchange of air. If you store your wine bottles in your kitchen refrigerator, you risk exposing your wines to the exchange of air/odour from the other food stored in your refrigerator.

Wine Cellars/ Refrigerator Units

So the next logical step for any wine lovers is to consider purchasing a wine cellar. They range in size, from compact units that hold just a few bottles to larger ones that can store by the hundreds. You can also have the option of having a freestanding unit or installing a built-under wine cellar below your beautiful marble island counter. So how you select a wine cellar is very much dependent on your wine storage requirements.

At Bodega, we offer a range of wine cellars to suit any design/requirements. All Bodega Riserva wine cellar collections come with a dual temperature control of between 5°C to 22°C, allowing you to store your wines in their ideal serving temperature, as well as their ideal maturing temperature. An advanced silent compressor in Bodega wine cellar keeps the wines chilled and vibrations free! Together with an active carbon filter, your wines are kept safe and protected for your enjoyment in the many years to come!