Built-in model from the Teca collection. The built-in installation gives it a “seamless” look that is a viable alternative to traditional freestanding cellars. Built-in installation and reduced depth make Teca B suitable even for dining rooms, living rooms and kitchens. Teca B comes with its frame and is easy to install in recesses or unused spaces.

Comes with integrated wooden frames available in various finishes. Its low noise level and reduced depth makes it ideal for home and work spaces. It is also equipped with Active Carbon Filters that allows for a natural circulation of air while preventing any odours from entering and affecting the taste of wines.

TE-BH14 can fit approximately 56-64 bottles of wines (if it is fully utilised).

Please select your preferred colours / finishes when placing order.

*This unit has to be mount to a wall/backing due to its reduced depth. This unit is by indent basis and each Expo unit is produced specially upon your colour selection. Kindly note that a waiting time of 6 to 8 weeks min. is required for it to be manufactured and sent to your home.



Double Layer Anti-UV Glass Door

Front Sliding Glass Door

Customised Integrated Wooden Frames

Customised Display of Wine Racks and Glass Shelves

Cool Natural White LED Internal Lights


Maximum capacity: 56/64 bottles (0.75l Bordeaux Bottles)

Each Standard Row holds 2 Bordeaux Bottles


Aluminium Racks (Prevent Rust & Mold)

Quick Adjustable Temperature Zone +5ºC to +18ºC

Active Carbon Filters (Prevent Odours)



1. Aluminium structure
2. Solid wood frame
3. Sliding doors, sides and top in double glass – anti-UV protection
4. Lock with key
5. Aluminium interior
6. Digital thermoregulator
7. LED lighting
8. Cooling coil
9. Automatic defrost and automatic evaporation system
10. Anti-vibration system
11. Heated rails
12. Inverter compressor

Dimensions (L x D x H): 860 x 358 x 1862mm

Capacity: 293L

Noise Level : 38dB

Rated Voltage: 230V

Rated Frequency: 50-60Hz

Power Input: 165W

Net Weight: 94Kg